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February 25, 2013


Marie Chambers

The new line is wonderful! I can't wait to make something with it! Your boys' room looks so fun!


So beautiful! My daughter just looked over and said, "Oh! Pretty beds!"

Pam Matthews

I love it! You are so creative... it's inspiring!

Aunt Muff

Boy, do I wish I could so! What great colors!
Luke and Grant are so lucky to have such a talented Mom. Well done, Snugglebug. Looks fabulous.

Heather Bailey

What a glorious and extensive collection. Wowza.


brilliant! brilliant concept, brilliant execution. well done, Laura.


This is amazing!!! I love the mosaic fabrics most of all, but they are ALL gorgeous! And you couldn't have done a better job decorating. I love the modern take.

Cheryl Arkison

Pretty awesome! I saw this fabric with delight at Quilt Con.


I LOVE this new line. Is the pattern available for the quilt please?

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane

How had I missed your blog? Love it and love the boys' room. Clever, clever with the names and arrows.

Kimberly M

Just love the new color palette. It will work so well with pieces left over from your other lines!

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