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April 21, 2011



Love the painter's canvases! I bought all the original ones-guess I'll have to get me some more!

Jen Eskridge

LOVE these!


i'm SOOOO excited for these! i've always been a huge fan of your fabrics (i have 2 quilts out of your first 2 collections exclusively) and i'm psyched to add all the painter's canvases to my stash. who doesn't love a textured solid?! can't wait! :)

Your favorite friday friend ;)

nice pictures Laura. They turned out great. And NO...the answer is NO!


Love the bicycle appliqu├ęd pillow. I think the answer should be "yes" - just sayin'.

Laura Gunn

Shannon meant it when she said no. She actually took the pillows home today. Some people have no heart.


Love the pillows. Gray is a great color and looks divine with the others. Well done, kiddo. I agree with Luke about the shots. He has my sympathy. Ice cream always made me feel better too.
Love ya lots,


These are beautiful - Deanna


these pillows are wonderful ~ found them on the Hawthorne newsletter. thank you so much for sharing them and the pattern, very generous of you.

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