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May 18, 2010



If I didn't already live here, my favorite city to visit would be Madison, Wisconsin!


Great patterns! The names you've chosen have me longing for a visit to London- haven't been in almost 10 years!


Love them all...my fav city to visit is Newport Beach, California...love the weather, the shopping, the scenery, the lifestyle...and LOVE your new patterns! Have a great time at market!


Oh I love piccadilly Circus! Beautiful dress! My favorite city to visit is Quebec City. Thanks for the great giveaway!


Very cool. My favorite city to visit is Paris.


Beautiful patterns! And thank you so much for the free pattern download. My favorite city to visit is San Francisco. Not only is the city awesome and fun to visit but I get to see my sister when I go there!


NEW YORK CITY...is on my bucket list. I want to attend a Broadway Show and wave to everyone from the TODAY show... (I know, what a dork!)

Thanks for the free pattern. I hope to make a charity quilt with it,.


amsterdam, nl


FIVE patterns?! How generous! My favorite city to visit is Antigua, Guatemala.


I'm not much of a traveler these days but I went to Moscow once and loved it!! I would love to go to London or Rome.

Trish Priewe

I should say Paducah, for the quilts ... or Savannah, because of "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" ... but I've never actually been to either of those places. :)

So I'll say Raleigh, NC - because the men sound so sexy, the weather's beautiful, and there's just SO MUCH to look at!

(Amazing patterns, and astounding fabrics. You are a true wonder.)


London happens to be my favorite city to visit too. I lived across the street from Kensington Gardens for a couple of months many years ago, and I've never gotten it out of my blood. Thanks for the giveaway!


Great patterns!

I love to visit Seattle. Going there this weekend, in fact....to sell my house there...:( and :)


Well, gosh. I haven't traveled much yet. But when I do, I imagine Versailles will be right up there.

A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. patterns and fabrics! I'm so excited to get my hands on a few.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather Byrne

i love to go down to Bradington Fl. Its a fun beautiful city downtown with tons of sun!


Savannah, Georgia is gorgeous, historic, spooky and full of great places to stay and eat. I'd go there for every vacation if I could--beaches, seafood, lighthouse, cemeteries, ghost tours--love it!


I'm always on the lookout for new patterns & these look super. I especially like the Paddington St & Bond St. And so cute in your fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!


Wonderful giveaway - I'd love to try the Paddington Station pattern for my daughter. My favorite city to visit is Portland, OR, just because I have so many wonderful friends there. For vacation, I'd pick Vancouver, BC. I want to take a cruise there some day!


Wow - these all look great!!! My fave city is Cape Town, South Africa. Seriously - gorgeous, delicious, inspiring. Wish I was headed there for the World Cup but alas, it's quite a hike from NYC.

Have fun at quiltmarket!

Ooh, check out my blog - just finished a quilt using "Poppy"!

Aunt Muff

You are doing amazing things. Tell Miss Lily she is just beautiful and she looks so grown up, I can't stand it. That is a handsome blouse and it looks fabulous on her. Check out my blog if you would like to see the Bird Condos.


My favorite city to visit is Portland, OR, more for the memories and the close by family, but it is also a place for great restaurants, shopping, beautiful landscape.

Belinda Gelhausen

Right now my favorite city to visit and explore is Austin, Texas :-)


The Bond St bag looks really neat. Favorite city to visit is tough but either Stockholm or Nairobi (really different, I know!). In the US, Portland, OR wins hands-down.


Hmm- my favorite city to visit would have to be Portland, Oregon. In fact, on my first visit here, I stayed and have never been back home! There's just so much to do!


And by the way I love the new patterns! I think my favorite is "Bond Street".

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