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January 19, 2010


Patti T

I'm new to your blog but wow! I love the new fabric, and being a novice quilter would have to make a quilt out of the spice for my mother. She is 87 and loves those colors. I'll have to watch for them because they would be so enjoyable to work with as well. You do nice work. Looking forward to following you. : )

Jenny Lynn

It is gorgeous!
I would probably have to make me a tote and some new curtains! And hopefully I'd have enough leftover to keep in my stash for a rainy day!


I think I love the Spice colorway the most! I would make pillows. And I'd try to convince my husband that bright curtains are a good idea.


I definitely need to make a cover for my sewing machine - need to keep the dust away! but that won't take much fabric... so I'm thinking I would like to use in the quilting bee I'm in, where the participants specify colors, but the block maker uses their own fabrics to make blocks for the other participants... so I would stash build in anticipation of that!


I especially love the spice. I can definitely see a quilt out of this.

Jen Eskridge

I LOVE the poppy collection. I'd like to use the big poppy in the Spice collection to stretch around canvas and hang in my house. I already have the spot picked out.


Oh my! how stunning! I would use it to make a couple of skirts, and some cutey-pie skirts for my toddler...


I would use this in my bedroom for a whole new do after we move... I LOVE the spice...but the grey looks so soothing...

Amy Hodge

I could see a huge pile of pillows made of these fabrics, but I have no idea what I would do with a huge pile of pillows. I just want to wrap myself up in these though, so maybe a cuddly throw quilt with medium-sized squares to really show off the fabrics. Beautiful - again!


I'm dreaming of painting my living room that beautiful aqua color. I would use it for curtains or throw pillows! Beautiful!


I would make a quilt and mix it up with lantern bloom!


Love the fabrics!

I would use it to make a great tote bag. I think I would even splurge for leather handles! And with the leftovers, maybe make a lap quilt??


Holy cow, gorgeous! A purse then a quilt. I'd hoard all the smaller pieces to use in something scrappy.

Emma at emmanemhandmade.blogspot.com/

Amazing! I love the spice collection. My bedroom is so blah right now - I would make a duvet cover to jazz it up.

Cassie @ You Go Girl!

I thought your first suggestion was, "I will use it to cover my GIRL." LOL! But that's what I would do. I would use it to cover my girl. One of them anyway. I have five I don't think I will have enough fabric to cover all of them.

Cassie @ You Go Girl!

Oops. I forgot to tell you how lovely I think this fabric is. Poppies are glorious! Love, love, love Laura. Thank you.


Although the grill cover idea sounds pretty darn awesome, I think I'd probably go for a quilt for my baby daughter. :)

Indie House

It's gorgeous! I would make a tote with one of the large floral prints and then mix the rest in with my lantern bloom for a quilt for our bed.


My parents move into their new home next week.
Your fabrics would make a divine throw for their new sitting room.
Thanks for the chance and congratultions on this new fabric line. It is lovely.
Andi :-)


What wouldn't I make with that beautiful fabric?!? Quilted throw pillows for my couch would probably be first on my list, though. Absolutely GORGEOUS - congrats!!


Oh how I love this!!!
I sew mainly girls clothes for my grandaughters & especially love the dogwood stripes with the coordinating polka dots! Love them all, but I guess my first choice would be the aqua. Love the grays & spices & would definitely use them in quilts, too.

emm ell

OH MY GOSH!!! i am IN LOVE with the aqua colorway! i want it for the curtains i've been meaning to make since august for my bedroom! especially the ones with the pink flowers...lovely!

Doris L

Definitely not a bed for my pet hamster (or even the little dog). Much too pretty for that. But a quilt for myself (and I mean myself) would be nice. Biggish squares to really show off the beautiful fabric.


I LOVE it!

I think I would have to frame a few pieces and hang them on my wall. Or stretch them over a frame like a canvas.


I am on a pillow kick right now. I am trying to find beautiful fabrics to make interesting pillows to spice up my home. I'd use them for that. Or I'd make camera strap covers. A girl can never have enough cute camera strap covers...

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