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August 06, 2009



The best advice I have to get a non-runny pie is to sprinkle a few teaspoons of tapioca granules (You know the kind you find in the red box at the grocery store, that you make tapioca pudding with) in with the fruit. The fruit juices soak up the tapioca granules and make a gorgeous, slurpy, NOT RUNNY pie! Your pie looks delish, Laura! Nothing a little vanilla ice cream on top can't fix, right!
Seriously, I'm coming over!!!! :)))


Tapioca is what my mother uses as well, and I (while a bit biased) think she makes the best pies. But if you don't have it on hand a tablespoon of flour mixed in with your peaches will also help thicken up the filling. It looks delicious... no wonder he can't keep his little hands off it.

Jellybean Soup

Cornstarch is a clear thickener- flour will make the filling a milky color. But, only use a LITTLE bit- it goes a long way once the pie has cooled! Looks yummy!


I am a cornstarch girl, too...it gives my fruit pies a great consistency so they don't run all over the plate. Now you've got me so wanting some warm peach pie...MMmmmm!
Peace & Love,


Just serve it in a cup. :) He's the cutest!


Mmmmm, looks delicious! I want to know how you make such a perfect crust.


I'm off to make a peach pie right now--yours looks so good :) And Cook's Illustrated calls for potato starch or tapioca--which of course I don't have either and will just have to make do with cornstarch.


Tapioca! And it taste fabulous. I use it when I make Cherry pies - with fresh Cherries...Yummy!


my Mom uses tapioca..your peach pie looks so yummy..save me a piece..


Oh Lord, that looks good. I don't care if it was runny.......I would try and catch that sucker(and that is saying something for me) Way to go, Luker.
Aunt Muff

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