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August 14, 2009


Cheryl Arkison

Poppies always make me think of my grandparents. As good Ukrainian immigrants they had a garden filled with poppies, pods drying everywhere, and poppyseeds in everything! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done.


Awesome. I just ordered and received some of your lantern bloom fabric. I LOVE IT. You're extremely talented and the rest of us are extremely lucky to get to enjoy your work. Thanks!


Oh I can't wait! I am also sad that I never saw the poppies in all the time I lived in St. Louis! You will have to take some pictures!


Oh goody!!! More fabric! I can't wait!!


I was working with a project using Lantern Blooms today; it was so enjoyable to use.

I'll look forward to seeing what you do with poppies.


Those poppies are beautiful! Be careful when you plant poppies because once they are growing the fun doesn't EVER stop (well except in winter when all those millions of seeds are hiding and growing in places you never planted them). ;)


Beautiful! I cannot wait for your new fabric line. I LOVE the Lantern Bloom collection, just completed a quilt with them. (climbing lanterns quilt)I absolutely love how all your rich textures from your paintings were translated into the fabric. What a gift you have!


Laura, I am totally crushing on your latern bloom fabric and can not wait for a new line from you!!! Yippee :)


Gorgeous paintings! I love poppies, too (I have two vintage linen poppy tablecloths) and CANNOT wait for your Poppy collection.

Your lantern bloom fabric is so amazing!


Can't wait to see your new range. I love poppies too.

I have almost finished a quilt top using your Lantern Bloom - it looks great. Had to wait for an order to come from the States to finish it off.

You can see an action shot of it on my blog. I will send you a link when it is done.

Thanks for designing such inspirational fabrics.


Woo hoo! I love poppies too! Can't wait to see the new line!


That is a bit morbid for you isn't it?! But still you manage to make something dead look so great.


I am a huge fan of poppies. I have several colors and kinds in my yard, the orange-red ones being the most popular. You are so right, the seed pods are an interesting shape - I leave mine up all winter.


Huge fan of your work. Love it that there is already another fabric line in the works. Wish I had the know-how and the guts to take some of my (very private) art and put it out there like that. Good for you.


Oh my, you are speaking my language here. I fell completely and utterly in love with poppies when I came across a field of red poppies in Belgium. It was the most wonderful thing ever. I wish I'd had my camera.

pamela tachibana

looks soooo much like my print...

laura Gunn

It does, doesn't it. I love that print!



This design looks so familiar to me somehow . . . like I have seen it before somewhere . . . .


looks like a copy cat to me, bad for business!


oh now I remember! of course, it looks exactly like a print I've seen by Pam Tachibana - are you collaborating with her?


Three dead poppies look like three dead poppies. I think yours look great.

It is a huge leap for anyone to suggest these have been copied. Other artists have been painting them forever. Laura Kemshall has a beautiful website that features poppies (dead and alive).

Do these commenters suggest that there are to be no more paintings of poppies? other flowers? leaves? sunsets? shells? etc....

Honestly how different can a series of poppy heads look?

I don't mind if you want to delete this comment. And I can't wait to see and buy your range when it is released.

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