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August 10, 2009


Carrie Gunnnnnn

That is so great! Your mom is awesome. :)


She is awsome and thanks for telling her so. I have to tell you better then getting a gift is having someone recieve your gift with great grace. I love you mom


This morning I woke up and deciced that I wanted to make Christmas stockings for my fam. After looking all around for ideas on what to do I quickly became overwhelmed. All I could think was if I just had my old friend Laura Gunn here to help me, she would tell me what to do. So that afternoon I walk into Bernina and standing right in front of me is a big sign "Laura Gunn fabrics" ahhh, I could have cried. Anyways, we miss you!!! Wish you were here to help me. I love all your fabrics.
your old friend, Darcy

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