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April 27, 2009


Sunni Standing



Amazing! Gorgeous!
Can't wait to see and handle and sew with your gorgeous fabrics, Laura! And a big hug to you and your sweet family and congrats on your wee new boy! :)

Old Red Barn Co.

Can't hardly wait to see more!!!



rachel ure

hooray! You are just a woman of talent- and secrets.

Mary Ann/Ca

So beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the new line.

Carrie Gunn

Ooh, how exciting! I love being on the "inside." And your new fabrics are awesome, by the way. But I already told you that. :)

Emily @ Art-n-sewl

Can't wait to see it all. This must be so exciting for you!!!! Good on ya :)

Kim Keate

I have been looking for a cool tote bag to keep books and stuff in for my kids for church. I love it!


This is great... look forward to seeing more :-)


I can hardly wait to see more.


I love that fabric -- and I love the little peek of teal in the middle! How cool! Can't wait to see the rest.


I'm so thrilled Laura! I can't wait to see it (and order it!) all at Quilt Market!


Must. Make. That. Bag.

Seriously, to die for!!!


ohmygoodness! can't wait for that to come out! It looks GORGEOUS!

apple cyder

congrats! looks beautiful. want. to. see. more!


The bag is cool and the fabric is gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your fabrics.


Patti Pinkston and Laura Gunn, I wonder if the world is ready for you gals. You guys don't disappoint. That bag is simply marvelous!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Beautiful bag!! Your fabrics look to be amazing :)

Michelle Pilar

so amazing... ! love love the fabric.. i would really like to know more about how to get a line started..


that little pop of blue on the bag is just too much, I love it!
can't wait to see the whole line.

Fashion Bug Coupons Chick

This bag is super cute.


Veeeeery much looking forward!


love the bag and fabric! can't wait to see more!

Brooke Andrewson

It's lovely. I'm staying tuned!

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