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September 15, 2008



This is awesome. I've been searching for a furniture solution to the five plastic crates I use to store my clothes, but come up empty. I'm in love with this idea and I can't wait to cover my crates!


Oh my goodness, I found these from the Craftzine blog and I am totally in love. These are the cutest things E.V.E.R. I have several U.G.L.Y. milk crates and I have them under my cutting table which has a skirt around it to hide the storage under there BUT if they were all prettified like this I'd leave them out for all to enjoy [well, mostly me, I mean it is MY studio ;0)]. Thank you "sew" very much for sharing this tut!

Heather Jane

Pure genius, I tell you!! I can't wait to use this for all kinds of things. It's such a good reason to buy fabric you love and not have to make something complicated. See, then once I get my fabric all organized, I can buy MORE fabric!!

Tiff@Three Peas

THey look so cute! What an awesome idea! I have been wondering how to dress up my daughters room on a small budget. Thanks so much for sharing this!


I'm absolutely charmed by these covers...and the fabric selection you used! Lovely!

Miki B.

What a great idea!! I can't wait to try these. I think my son would love a few of these with some cool, boy prints! Thank you for the tutorial.


Oh I love love love them!! Make one for me! =) no...wait...make that a dozen for me. lol Thanks for the tutorial!


Oh my gosh!! I love it!! Why didn't I think of this?? Thanks for sharing your brilliant mind!


I was looking at the first pictures thinking, crate? What crate? Does she mean... no. Can't be.

I am so excited by the thought of this, it's just this side of silly. It combines two of my favorite things, crafting with pretty things and STORAGE!

Lori Ann

Bookmarking this to delicious so I can do this if I ever find crates like that (I live in China). If not, I just may have to resize it for something I can find, cuz these are too cute to pass up!


I think they turned out beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

The crates are just beautiful! The dresser is prety fabulous as well!


So cool! Thanks!


Ooooh! too much fun! LOVE them! thanks for sharing!

Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom

Love love LOVE it!! Thanks so much for sharing, I can't wait to get started! :)


Wow, what a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing :)


I love this idea and the way you have the patterns so lovely!
I am unpacking my house I just moved and can't find my sewing machine, but when I do I'd love to make this craft, do you sell them ?
i'd love to buy 4 from you until such time as I find my sewing machine.
Let me know.

Stacy Rivas

So some of us aren't so crafty, but would still love to cover the crates sitting all over my classroom. Are you making any to sell?

Laura Gunn

Ha! You guys are trying to put me to work. No crate cover selling for me. Maybe someone will get some up on Etsy. If there are any takers, I'll link to ya;)


Thanks I understand it may not be worth your time to sell them, if someone does put them up on etsy who is reading this please link me my email is info at studioamelia dot com

Lori Ann

Oh! I realized the pdf's last page lets you alter the pattern for any size box. Super! I featured this tutorial in a list of this week's top 10 crafting tutorials: see http://www.simplemakes.com/2008/09/top-10-craft-tutorials.html!


Great Idea. Thanks for sharing.


These are the cutest, most useful things I've seen in a long time. And they stack! Can't wait to make some. Thanks for the tutorial.


I am going to have to find some plastic crates. These are too cool! Thanks so much!!!


This is a totally awesome idea. I have a bunch of these out in my garage just sitting there taking up space. Now I can use them for my yarn! Thank you for the idea!

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