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September 29, 2008



Congrats to Lily! Great restaurant choice, my personal favorite.


Beautiful photos, Laura!
Glad you had a beautiful week!
We just got back from the Carolina's!
My brother Matthew got married back there!
What a whirl wind of a trip!
Take care,


Congratulations Lily! I love your little butterfly friend. We have a monarch butterfly in crysalis stage and we're anxiously waiting for it to emerge here.

Mentioning Mai Lee twice in one post is just too cruel! I have wonderful dreams about dinners eaten there.

I can't wait to see Isaac's photos and I'm pea green with envy that Maddy is going to help you with Quilt Market in October.

Kelly beeson

Can't believe she's so old. I know it sounds cliche, but wasn't it yesterday she and Jane were in playgroup together? Okay, maybe not yesterday, but last week, for sure.


Tiff@Three Peas

Aretn't brother's the best???? Fortunately mine lives down the street. :)


AMAZING photos! Can't wait to see more. Congrats to your Lily on her momentous and sacred occasion.

I can't quit thinking about your covered crates. Such a fun and functional project. I was wondering if you'd consider allowing your tutorial to be used as a class project for a sewing class. I think it would be a great project for beginners. :) TIA for your thoughts and consideration.


You have been busy:) I love those butterfly pictures.


Butterflies are beautiful - as long as they are not on me! Lily looks so relaxed and happy with that on her finger. Me, I have a thing about flittery flappy things near me.
Congrats Lily on your special day but tell me please, a Flaming Poo Poo Platter? What in the world is that?


Lovely photos! again if anyone makes some I'll buy them, fantastic idea!

Gina Halladay

Hi friend,

When can we play and post on the QuiltersBuzz.com?


those are such sweet pictures.

i left a comment about the tutorial under its comments, but am leaving another. i'd really like to try and make those covers, but nothing happens when i click on the tutorial. am i doing something wrong?



Congratulations to Lily!
The butterfly photos are amazing!

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