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July 08, 2008



They would be adorable for scrapbooking of course but really cute glued onto a picture frame! :)


They would be cute in the joints of a doll or paper doll. Or in the holes of an unbuttoned shirt.

Laura Gunn

Ah ha, Thanks Misty. You just gave me an idea for my mom's birthday. She would love some button top brads for the funky paper dolls she makes.

Mrs. Bancks

Cool! I love how you used one to fasten the ribbon on the gift. I'd probably be most likely to decorate cards (or even office papers) with these. Hope everyone else can think of more creative uses!


I can envision them in funky Christmas fabric used to attach gift tags to the gifts!! Cute!


I'm not sure what I would do, maybe I would use them on a purse, or maybe on the back of a pillow, or maybe I'd just put them in a glass jar because they are so pretty.


What a great idea for the brads.


Those are great! I'd definitely put them on barrettes for my daughters - or me! Thanks for the tutorial!

Mary Beth

Very pretty fabric and brads! Can't wait to see if I win!


Thanks for the tutorial. Those are so cute!


How cute!


I love these. Do you think they could be attached to a purse? I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for the info.


they are so cute! I did this same thing a while back and covered them with daisy fabric, I think it would be really cute as a flower boquet or balloons!


How do you attach these to the hair clippies? Is it just glued?


Those are wonderful, and I love all the ideas posted already. I think I want to do this to make some cute cuff bracelets.

Laura Gunn

My clip had a little slot down the middle and I just slipped the prongs through and bent them over.


These are so cute, what a wonderful idea!
I see these pushed in the corner of business cards to hold them together or a stack of wallet pictures. If you put them in the corner it holds all the pictures together, but you can still fan them out to show people.
Thanks for the tutorial

Jennifer H

I love these. Thanks for the tutorial! I would use them as clasps on the fabric covered boxes I am obsessed with making right now.

Shelley Detton

Oh, how very cute! I love fabric covered buttons, and what a good idea to make brads out of them. They could be the centers of paper or silk flowers that could be attached to things like cards, a wreath, ribbons, Christmas stockings, etc.
I can totally relate to your inability to sleep because you were thinking of ideas! Sometimes I can't sleep for hours because I just can't shut my scheming brain off - a fun type of insomnia, I suppose!


Cute. I make my covered brads the yoyo way but this looks more professional.

Thanks for sharing.


I would love to keep a set, or one or two, of these in my purse pocket as a button back up. for those days when a button falls off a shirt/shirt/whatever or your belt won't stay closed... oh that gives me another idea.... you could put a brad or two in the extra holes on a belt to make it match your outfit.


hello i "stumbled upon" you looking for color schemes for my impending wedding. how glorious! i love everything here! especially the bright fuschia pom poms between all those delicious ribbons! will be reading you soon


How adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. I like the idea of putting them in the extra holes in your belt, very clever!


How clever! I love it when inspiration strikes. I hadn't clicked over to your blog for a long time (just doing the bloglines thing), and your design is ADORABLE. :)


Just amazing!! They look too cue and i love colours :D

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